Monday, January 20, 2014

The journey continues...

Hi everyone!
I'm back, I didn't mean to take a break, it just kinda happened. So much has been going on lately and I've been dealing with so many feelings...and honestly, I feel a little drained and not much for writing lately.

Natalie had all her tests done. It was a horrible day. They had a difficult time finding a vein for her IV and had to poke her twice. She screamed and she was in pain..despite the numbing cream (that stuff doesn't really work).

But the worst part is that we nearly lost her...

Natalie did not respond well to the sedative (Precedex)
...with about 1-hour left of tests her blood pressure dropped incredibly low...and her pulse plummeted. There were alarms going lights were blinking and doctors and nurses were rushing about. I was so scared...and at the same time I was trying to stay strong. They reduced the dosage of the sedative and she slowly started to recover...and then, it happened 2 more times! Allan, finally told them to take off the sedation. He said we didn't care for these tests and we would rather not test than lose our baby. So they agreed and the sedative was taken off. Even then, the pulse dropped another time (35 beats per minute). But then...she was fine (Thank God). They were able to finish all the tests except the genetics test. When she awoke, they had to give her an IV of fluids to help push the medication out and get the blood pressure back up. Natalie drank a lot of fluids on her own but it wasn't enough and an IV of fluids had to be given. She slept the whole way home and she continued to sleep at home. I had to wake her every hour and offer more fluids in order to keep the blood pressure up. By the next day, she was 100% back to normal.

So we got a call from the neurologist last week and she asked to see us regarding the test results. Allan and I went to see her and she told us that the MRI and hearing test were both normal. But she was worried, because her EEG showed very rare spikes. These spikes are an indication of absent brain seizures. But she said she couldn't be sure, she needed another EEG done, but this time it would be for 8 hours and while fully awake. Of course, I am devastated, this is the worst news and we did not expect these results. So I am praying that the results are a "fluke" from the machine or something else...I pray that she is not suffering from seizures.

We are going back to the hospital on Thursday and we hope that it will go smoothly. I'm not sure how such an active child will be able to sit/lay through 8 hours on a hospital bed with all those cables on her head. Especially because Natalie is very sensitive about her hair. I cannot even wash her hair without having her scream and cry. I wish I could talk to her, I wish that I could hold her hand and explain that the EEG will not hurt and that I will be we won't leave her and we will all be there with her. I still plan on talking to her and explaining that she does not have to be scared. But I wish I could know that she understands what I am telling her. We will do our best to accommodate her and keep her entertained and comfortable. My parents will also be with her and we will bring all her toys and iPad and hopefully she will be okay. Please say a little prayer....Thank you!
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