Saturday, September 21, 2013

Say 'Thank You' to your local police officers

National Tell A Police Officer ‘Thank You’ Day is today. This day was initiated by Andrew Hale and The Whole Truth Project, an organization with a mission to support law enforcement officers by promoting a pro-police message. Citizens are encouraged to take a moment out of their day to show appreciation for their local law enforcement officers through small acts of gratitude — or by simply saying “thank you.”
My brother is a police officer, he is an outstanding person both professionally and personally. He is one of the most ethical and responsible person I have ever known.

Being a police officer is inherently dangerous, and each day they go to work, police officers are risking their lives. Our police officers are the first responders to answer our calls for help, whether it is a simple fender-bender or a tragic shooting. They are soldiers on the street. They help us every day and they help make our world a better place. I shudder to think what our communities would be like without police protection.  Yet, we tend to take these dedicated men and women for granted.

But these heroes are also mommies, daddies, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles. They are people just like all of us. They just happen to be super brave people -- who will go help strangers in scary situations that most of the rest of us are too afraid to handle.

Being a police officer is also a job, and just like teachers who have to give homework and classwork and just like doctors sometimes have to deliver bad news and give a shot, police officers need to do things that people don't like, for example give tickets. It doesn't mean they are bad or ill hearted. They are just doing their jobs.   We want them there when we need them, but when someone is the focus of an officer's attention because they’ve broken a law, the police become the bad guys.  But our police men and women are used to it and they take the bad with the good. They willingly stepped into their career and they believe in upholding the law. 
They believe that good triumphs over evil and they want to be a part of that.

So spread the word today. Talk to your friends and family, neighbors and co-workers about September 21st, National Tell A Police Officer 'Thank You' Day. 
As far as for me and my family, we want to thank my brother and all police officers for the sacrifices you make in order to do your job. Thank you for doing all that you do; for the small things that most people are unaware of.  Thank you all for your protection.
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