Monday, September 16, 2013

Why We Walk for Natalie's Dream Team

I decided that I will walk on October 26th as the Team Captain for Natalie's Dream Team because we want to raise funds to help Autism research and raise awareness, so that Natalie, and all of those individuals who are on the spectrum, can live in a more accepting world. 
We want to raise awareness for parents, like us, who have a child on the Autism Spectrum. We will walk for those families, like ours, who show so much strength and endurance on this bumpy road.  Somewhere out there, there are other parents who are dealing with this and might feel helpless like we first did. As parents of a child suffering from autism, we long for the day when our daughter will be in a position to tell us what she feels, what she thinks, what she wants and what she loves. Natalie inspires us to be a more loving, more patient family. She has taught us to enjoy the simpler things in life.  

She is a very special gift that we wouldn't trade for the world.

 And these are the reasons we will walk, not only to raise awareness, but to speak for all the 
children that can't speak-to fight for our brilliant star, our Brown-Eyed Girl, our Natalie. 

If you are interested in supporting our Walk for Autism Speaks, please click here

Thank you to our friends and family who have been there for us!

We love you Natalie!

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