Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Renewed Hope

It all started with a dream. We can't really control our dreams. Are they just random impulses from our brains we try so intelligently to perceive as something deep and important, or are they just crazy tricks our minds play when we sleep? I often dream that Natalie is telling me, "I Love You." I know it may seem silly to some and although she demonstartes her love for me daily, I still dream of the day that I will hear her sweet voice say those three words.

I believe that God has built my faith by giving me a dream. I believe that this dream shows me what it is that He wants me to do and how He plans to use my life and that of Natalie's to impact others.   Perhaps you don't agree with me, but yesterday I felt like I was having a dream, except it was real. Today, I still feel like I am floating on a cloud in the heavens. Was it real? Did I dream that Natalie said those words? No, she didn't say, 
"I Love You." But the impact of her words still struck right through me and renewed my faith that one day she WILL say, "I Love You" ...and so much more

Here is what happened shortly after we arrived for Equestrian therapy yesterday:

Dr. Burrows: "Natalie, do you want to ride a horse today?"

Natalie: (silence)

Dr. Burrows: "Natalie, look at me, do you want to ride a horse today?"

Natalie: (silence)

Dr. Burrows: "Well, what do you want to do, ride a chicken? "

Natalie: "No, Ride.....A....Horse"

Dr. Burrows: "Okay, let's go ride a horse."

Me: (Standing frozen with mouth wide open and tears falling down)

The joy in that moment was immeasurable
I am watching, waiting to see what comes next. But today, I am hopeful.
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