Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Proud Mommy Moment!

Hello Everyone!

Natalie did something very cool at therapy yesterday and I am so proud! 

Kristy (our therapist) asked if Natalie recognized shapes. I told her that I wasn't sure. I explained that Natalie actually LOVES these educational videos we have her watch online. These videos include teaching of shapes, colors, letters and numbers. But I wasn't sure if Natalie was actually paying attention to what was being taught or if she mostly enjoyed the interaction on the screen. Kristy wanted to try. She placed a wooden cube with pre-cut shapes on the table. Here is a picture of the cube she used:

I was floored and my jaw dropped. Kristy held 2 shapes in her hand, a star and a square. She asked Natalie to take the star and Natalie grabbed the star and placed it into the appropriate spot on the wooden cube. Next, Kristy held an oval and square and asked Natalie to pick the square, Natalie did it again! Kristy, did this a few more times and each time Natalie was successful in choosing the right shape and placing it into the cube! I couldn't believe it! It is incredible for me to see that, even though Natalie does not speak, she knows her shapes! Wow! Those videos really work and my baby is AMAZING! 
Very happy & proud mommy moment right here.

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