Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I am exhausted, I am sad, I have cried and cried today. The last 2 days of therapy for Natalie have been very difficult. She does not want to cooperate at all, she cries and screams and will not give in. She is strong willed and refuses to do what is being asked of her. I have had to chase her, and have had to endure meltdown after meltdown. The therapist was frustrated my mother was upset (just like a grandma, she blames the therapist for upsetting Natalie and Natalie can do no wrong. God Bless Grandma), and I was sad, heartbroken and just exhausted. Some days it's not as hard but other days it's extremely stressful and emotional. 

I am sure that it will get better (I pray it does). 

Sometimes it feels like it is too much to bear. 

Please help me reach my Goal!