Monday, August 19, 2013

School Daze

Where has the time gone? How did we get from there to here? Is it possible that all of these years have gone by? I've barely gotten over sending my first born to kindergarten, and now, here he is on his way to his first day of high school. I wanted so much to take him into school today and walk him to his first class. But, of course, Austin would never allow this, because at this age, they do not want to be treated like children anymore. So I took a deep breath, said a final prayer for Austin (and for myself), and went inside the house and peaked through his bedroom window .  My heart pounded as I watched him walk further and further down the street on his way to the bus stop. Letting the tears flow, I called my mom for moral support. 

When we are children, we perceive time as passing very slowly and think of each day as a lifetime. To an adult, and maybe a parent in particular, the important milestones in life seem to collapse together, one by one, at a very high speed. I remember the day that my son was born. I remember the drive to the hospital and the way that he smelled at the second that they handed him to me and told me that he was mine. I remember all of these moments, and while my mind knows that fifteen years have passed, my heart aches that those years seem to pass so quickly.
Austin's first day of Kindergarten
Austin today

I told Austin last night that he is never alone and to never forget that. His dad and I will always be his managers, his warriors, his biggest supporters and his number one fans. We will always be his mom and dad and we will always advocate for him, in order to assure that his life is happy and healthy, and successful as only HE can define it.

Whether you’re approaching the first day of school as a kindergartner or ninth grader, a teacher or a parent, we all know the day can be filled with anxiety and stress.  Are the lunches packed?  What am I wearing?  Who do I have for math?  Just remember that first days are important and if we can help it, they probably shouldn't be rushed or overlooked.  So take a moment to appreciate it in the ways that you can.  

Please help me reach my Goal!