Monday, August 26, 2013

My baby boy turns 15 today!

Fifteen years ago today I became a Mom to a healthy baby boy, who taught me so much about being a Mom. Experiencing motherhood envelops all the fear, struggle, pain, failure and success that being a Mom has to experience... and still continues. For 15 years Allan and I have been teaching him, coaching him, hanging out with him, laughing with him, playing with him, dragging him to events. I still have all the drawings and writings he made for me in the elementary years—I love you mom! My mom is the best because...; My mom rocks; etc., etc.

I love to think of those fun moments.
Of course there were also the times in the last 15 years when we were correcting him, lecturing him, grounding him… (gulp) yelling at him… it’s weird to think about it all—good and bad. My parenting was so imperfect. Constant second-guessing. Was I too lenient? Was I too strict? Did I teach him enough? Did I lecture too long?

 He didn't know how to celebrate his birthday. Nowadays it seems birthdays are not too much of a big deal to him -- not like before. We normally celebrate at home with a pool party and invite his cousins and some friends. But since he has been undecided we took him on a shopping spree this past weekend and we celebrated with some family, and bought a birthday cake and we sang and he blew out the candles. He made plans to see a movie with some friends Saturday night and we will be taking him out for dinner tonight -- sushi is his favorite (just like his mommy).
Happy Birthday, Austin. We are so proud of you beyond measure, and I cannot wait to see what you do with your life. You will be a success at whatever you do and I look forward to loving your children and telling them all about what a great kid you were. You are my heart. I love you baby! 


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