Thursday, August 15, 2013

Walking the road with a child with autism is not easy

Autism cannot be seen, it is invisible, known only to the person who has it, others see what autism manifests but nothing else, and when you explain it it sounds like something so difficult to imagine! 

It is very difficult to explain autism, mothers and fathers who have a child with autism often say that it is impossible for someone who does not live close or have a child with autism to understand. Yet, we all agree that it is important to try and understand it because we are all part of the same world and those who are different still deserve respect and opportunities like anyone else. 

A child with autism must be allowed to be a child and at the same time we must help that child. We cannot lock them in a therapeutic room and take away their childhood because the damage would be greater. A child with autism CAN and never forget it, they just need more help and different types of aid than others do, and not for lack of ability a child with autism has the same abilities as any other. What happens is that socially they behave differently and it is up to us to help these children understand that they are a part of a society that will not reject them for being different and that with learning they can be very happy within society. Do not judge these children, instead help them. They want to do, and if you help them they can make it. We did not ask to have a child with autism, we simply did, just like it could have happened to anyone else even to you. Yes, I am dealing with my own demons and I am doing my best to get my daughter all the help and aid that she needs. But if society helps us than everything would be easier.

Thanks for listening.

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