Sunday, August 11, 2013

RCI Oasis of the Seas Review and Experience

Hi Everyone!

My family and I are back from our cruise vacation. We had such an amazing time and we did not want to come back. RCI's Oasis of the Seas is a wonderful cruise ship with excellent staff and I highly recommend it.  There was so much to do and although we had some people tell us that a ship this large with over 5,000 guests would feel crowded we did not experience that at all and this is thanks to the ship's design. I felt like it was so well distributed with so many events and things to do that we never had to make lines and never bumped into people. There were plenty of elevators and we never had to wait very long to move from deck to deck. The ship rides more like a city than a cruise ship. It is the perfect get away where you feel like you are on vacation and not just waiting to reach the next destination port. I imagine that there will be families that won't ever leave the ship at all.

On Deck 14 they had their award-winning Adventure Ocean youth program staffed by a college educated staff. They have developed different age appropriate curriculums and are sponsored by Crayola and Fisher-Price. The program is divided into age groups. Natalie was in the Royal Babies and Tots, ages 0-3 program, which offers activities designed to foster parent/child bonding and development. They also offer a Fisher-Price Toy Lending Program, where parents can stop by Adventure Ocean and borrow toys to entertain the little ones in their stateroom.  For the older kids they offer the Aquanauts program for ages 3-5 where they enjoy becoming Adventure Scientists (they have an amazing lab!); there are also the Explorers  ages 6-8, Voyagers, ages 9-11 as well as Teen only venues like Fuel night club.  Natalie really enjoyed participating in this program daily and she was so excited whenever we would arrive to Deck 14. Austin joined some of the Teen only venues and enjoyed making new friends.

The food was always wonderful and the shops were superb! Natalie LOVED swimming in the kids pool area and the Merry-Go-Round located on the Boardwalk was a must for her (at least 6 times per day). It was all very enjoyable. Allan and Austin did zip lining on the ship as well as in Labadee, Haiti. They also did the rock climbing on the ship and took private surf lessons in the surf pool. 

Here are some quick facts about Oasis:

  • It's the largest cruise ship at sea
  • First ship to feature 7 neighborhoods
  • Original, hand carved carousel
  • First ever b each pool where guests can wade into the water or sit in chairs in the water
  • Longest Jogging track at sea
  • Central Park has 12,175 plants and 56 trees
  • It's larger than the Eiffel tower, Chrysler Building and is equal to 3.5 football fields
  • It can hold 6,296 guests!

I put together a little video (located in the middle of this post) to show you how our trip was. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding our experience.

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