Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grandparents, a family treasure

I was so lucky to have had wonderful grandparents in my life. They loved me, they cared about me, they taught me about God and they offered me support at all times. They never judged me and they always gave me the best advice. I believe that good grandparents, are fundamental to the emotional growth of our children and thankfully my kids have pretty awesome grandparents as well.

The protection, the show of affection and unconditional love of grandparents is
unmatched. Their stories are treasures put in words that give younger generations a sense of identity.

Grandparents are the best confidants and counselors. Children see in them the individuals with whom they can talk about issues that, according to kids, their parents do not understand. Grandparents, thanks to the years they have lived and the experiences they have had with their own children, know how to put "up" with children and explain, at the child's level, the issues in a simple and entertaining manner. Teens can talk about issues that, with their parents, they would be too ashamed to discuss. All of this gives a grandparent one transcendent importance in the education of our children.

Grandparents also make excellent intermediaries between father and son when presented with a conflict.
Not only do children benefit from a relationship with their grandparents but it works the other way around as well. Grandkids give their grandparents a new reason for living. Not only for the continuity of the family, but because it is like reliving the time when they were parents, only without the work it involves,    thus making it easier to enjoy. 

Grandparents foster a sense of identity that everyone in their childhood needs in order to feel safe in life. This identity means knowing who I am, who I look like and my place in my family. But above all, we get a sense of belonging, then know that you are part of something, it helps to make you feel how important you are to others. That is why, grandparents create a sense of security that helps their grandchildren perform better in the world. 

With grandkids, the grandparents get to be someone new. They don’t know about the crazy things they have done, and grandkids figure that anyone who’s  lived since dinosaurs roamed the land must know something.

Grandparents, whether through blood, marriage, or adoption, play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren.  Truly cherish the unique and special relationship you have with each and every one of your grandkids. 

As a parent, I feel truly blessed that my kids have their " abuelos" in their life. Cherish, love and learn from your grandparents, while you still have the time to do so! 

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