Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 2: Thankful for Brother

Today I am thankful for my son, Natalie's big brother. Natalie loves Austin. She loves to invade his privacy, get into his room, explore all of his things and redecorate everything. But she especially loves to get into his closet, pick out a T-shirt and pull it down from the hanger. She takes off her clothes and puts on big brother's big T-shirt. She will not go to sleep unless she is wearing one of his shirts. And we all think that it is adorable, and even Austin, can't help but melt when he sees her fall fast asleep while wearing his shirt. 

Natalie at 6 months with 12 year old brother

She loves to get his attention. She likes to act like he is no big deal but when he plays with her and smiles...she is in heaven and it is so obvious. Even though he is 12 years older, she thinks that she is tougher than he is and she loves bossing him around. She jumps on his back and directs him to where he needs to go and what they need to play. 

My hope is that they will be best friends for life. 
I want them to have a relationship, separate from mom and dad. 
I would love for my kids to have each other to lean on throughout their lives!

Thank you God for my children

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