Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 9: Thankful for Weekends!

The best part about weekends is being able to spend the entire day with my husband and my children. I don't get to do very much of that during the week because of work, but on Saturday and Sunday everything is perfect.

It usually starts with me waking up and making pancakes, Pillsbury croissants, bacon and eggs. I accompany that with orange juice and by the time I am halfway done, the family has slowly started to wake up and come downstairs. They can't resist the aroma of yummy breakfast filling the entire house. 


I sit down and I take it all in. I enjoy the sunshine filling the house and my husband and kids sitting at the table enjoying what I just prepared for them. Yes, I am going to enjoy every moment of this weekend. I love my family so much and I am determined to soak every moment with them up and not letting these moments slip away.

Later, we usually go to the park and have Natalie ride the horses. Or we will take her to any local carnival or fair or the mall for the Merry-Go-Round. We try to make it fun for her, and in turn it is fun for all of us.

Here is Natalie (in grey shirt, in front of the two girls) enjoying the small roller coaster.
In the evenings we like to light up the grill and make something delicious!

Family is such an important thing to me and I am grateful for my family and the time that we get to spend together. Being able to spend time with them, getting to know them as they grow older, is such a gift in my life. Nothing can compare to the memories that we have made together and I am thankful for the many more that are still to come.

Happy Thankful Weekend!
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