Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 8: Thankful for Actions...when the words won’t come

Have you ever been to Hallmark or any card shop but you just can’t find the right card? When you are looking for a card that is not as simple as a 'Happy Birthday' or ‘Merry Christmas’ or perhaps even a crisis or bereavement. You read the words on the cards but none of them seem to express what you want to say. Perhaps that is why they sell blank cards? But sometimes you just can’t think about what to write. Sometimes words just won’t come... and you think to yourself, 
If I could only just see the person and give them a hug. Then I could show them I care...when the words won’t come.
If this is how I feel as an adult with a vocabulary of thousands of words at my disposal and an understanding of language that allows me to use those words to show meaning, thoughts and emotions, it is no wonder children with limited language and understanding find putting things into words so difficult at times.

Natalie cannot speak. Every now and then, she uses some of her words, "mom" "bye" "gotta go." But mostly the words won't come and so she shows me, through actions, what she wants to say.

If she is hungry, she takes me to the pantry:

She shows me she wants more by outstretching her arms and shows me she likes something by touching it:

She shows me she loves me..even when the words won’t come.

I tell my children all the time that I love them...but I also show them. I tell my husband that I love him, but I also show him, and he shows me as well. And long before we had children, before we even confessed our feelings for each other we had a special moment. Our relationship started with a hug. An embrace that expressed much more than any amount of words.  No words can ever adequately express the feelings and emotions of a first kiss. Almost 16 years later there are still many moments of silent love between my husband and I. When the house is quiet and he sits next to me to rub my back. When I am in a shop and see that gadget or tool he has been eyeing for months and I buy it as a surprise. When we have gone through another day of appointments and stresses and crying...and that smile and hug at the end of the day says more than the inside of any greeting card ever could.
When that smile and the light in the eyes shows love when the words won’t come:

So please share a hug, send flowers, smile and laugh together, praise someone, listen, spend time with people and show them you care. Because actions really do speak louder than words. I know my children love me. Even though Natalie is non verbal it doesn't matter because she shows me…even when the words won’t come.
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